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Eastern Market

After 4 years of living here, I finally got out to Eastern Market today.

Much fun. And you can get there late and still find really great stuff. It almost gets better the later you get there. There is a lot of stuff, but not a lot of variety. Lots of really cute ethnic/embroidered clothing, bead/jewelry, art, and there's a furniture mart across the street. The clothing is always too large and there is never a mirror. The jewelry looks the same, and I haven't bought beads since high school. And I'm not big into art (though if you like African art, it is THE place!). I got the usual snob treatment from the antique vendors - I look like a kid, ergo I can't have money. So the inquiry into Gorham ornaments was ignored. 

All was not lost, however. I had the BEST pineapple upside down cake, the glazed pecans were to DIE for, the sorbet was yummy, and my amber bead necklace finally got fixed! I asked him to fix an old pearl necklace - one of those vintage costume jewerly pieces. I picked it up from Goodwill on my fist day there. One of the 4 strings had broken and I kept thinking I'd fix it. So I hauled it out and he looked at it. Man said that "as your bead adviser" he wouldn't do it. It wasn't worth it. He gave me some advice on how to DIY (makes a nice In front-of-TV project). He is SO getting repeat business. And I did fix it. Much happiness.

I went out in the early evening and raided Cakelove. I also stopped into Marshall's (which was in register meltdown mode as usual), and Payless (they are getting better at stocking wides). I also visited Rave (cause I can actually fit that stuff) and tried on a few dresses (on sale). OMG, I had one of those "I wish I had a camera this is so hideous" moments. I did not have a camera, so you are on your own. There was one cute shirt. If it was cheaper, I'd have bought it. I don't mind spending gobs of money on office clothes and quality. But play clothes and junior's wear - it better be rock bottom.

I did not get to play with my neighbor's bunnies. Yes, my neighbor's have bunnies and have been taking them for regular constitutionals out in the hall in the evenings. They don't have a regular time and they are so quiet that I never quite know when they are out. There is nothing like seeing a happy bunny to help you forget how unjust the world is. 

I pretty much knocked myself out during the day and was in bed by 11 (a new record!).



June 2007

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